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How Sir Richard Branson Can Help You Find Love in 2018
If you’re serious about meeting someone special, take a page from Sir Richard Branson’s playbook and just say, Yes! More

Can You Really Meet Someone Special During the Holiday Season?
It’s the most wonderful time of the year—and the busiest! Amid the hustle and bustle of office parties, tree trimming, and family traditions most of us assume we’ll have little time to look for love. Besides, we’ve all heard it before—no one wants to start dating someone new during the holidays. But is that really true? More

Bachelor / Bachelorette of the Month
Its's Just Lunch Seattle Bachelor / Bachelorette of the Month! More

IJL Seattle Bachelorette Of The Month
Wow, do I have a lot to say about our It’s Just Lunch Seattle November Bachelorette of the Month! She’s a 45-year-old Executive Vice President in Public Relations. She’s a gorgeous 5’3” petite woman with green eyes and long blonde hair. When she isn’t working out 6 days a week and volunteering with dogs on Sundays, she’s traveling around the world. This Bachelorette has been to over 40 countries! Some of her favorite places are Australia, India and London. She is looking for a man who is driven, active, easygoing and adventurous. More

IJL Seattle Bachelor Of The Month
Get ready ladies… our It’s Just Lunch Seattle November Bachelor of the Month is the full package… he has brains, looks, ambition, he’s well-cultured and family oriented. Our November Bachelor is 34 years old, 6’7” with brown eyes and a great smile. He has his PHD and works as a Sr. Consultant for his company. In his free time, our IJL Seattle Bachelor stays fit by weight training 5 days per week. He loves trying new restaurants, going out dancing with friends, listening to music and spending time with his dog. Our Bachelor is also looking for the full package: He wants someone who is athletic, outgoing, spontaneous and super smart! More

IJL Seattle Bachelorette Of The Month
Our September Bachelorette has a really cool and unique background; she’s works in software by day and is a professional athlete too! She’s a beautiful 44-year-old petite woman with brown eyes and medium-length brown hair. In her free time, she is a passionate rock climber and has traveled all over the world to climb! She loves a wide range of music, trying new restaurants and enjoys reading a variety of genres. Our Bachelorette is looking for someone who is down to earth, introspective and family oriented. Guys, we can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Ms. September! More

IJL Seattle Bachelor Of The Month
The leaves are starting to turn, PSL’s are being consumed again, the kids are back in school and the ladies are going to FALL for our September Bachelor of the Month! He’s a tall (6’4”) 51-year-old Global Account Manager who is a mix between McDreamy and Jake Cutler! Mr. September is genuine, warm, friendly and has such a positive outlook and attitude. He’s a sports fan, works out 4 days a week and loves to have fun out on the golf course. Ladies…he is also a man that loves to cook! Our September Bachelor loves a confident woman who is outgoing, kind and easy going! More

August Bachelorette of the month
Our Bachelorette of the Month is a 58-year-old beauty that is full of positive energy and fun! She is 5’4” with light brown hair and blue eyes, plus she has a fantastic smile and sense of style! She is a small-business owner with over 25 years of experience in her industry. She is looking to meet a passionate man with professional drive! In her free time, she enjoys a lot of athletic endeavors, including downhill skiing and cycling. She’s also authored a children’s book and speaks Italian. Her favorite travel destinations include Italy, Turkey, Israel and Cambodia. More

August 2016 IJL Seattle Bachelor Of The Month
August’s Bachelor of the Month is a really great catch! He’s a handsome and well put together 36-year-old, who is tall and has beautiful blue eyes. He has his MBA, works in medical sales and is someone who is driven in his career, but knows how to make time for his outside interests, friends and family. Our August Bachelor is a guy’s guy who is a Seahawks season ticket holder, plays golf once a week, has a boat and is a great skier. He also appreciates a nice Italian wine, loves going to concerts and trying a variety of restaurants. Our Bachelor appreciates a woman who is family oriented, confident, who challenges him and has a great sense of humor! More

Bachelorette of the month
This month I’ve been interviewing so many great young professional clients! My July Bachelorette of the Month is one of them! She’s an extremely driven 30-year-old who loves her career in Finance for a beauty company, but also has a big love of sports (go Cougs & Seahawks)! She’s a petite blonde that really appreciates a man who is passionate, independent, family oriented and doesn’t take himself too seriously. This “Jeans to Jewels” lady enjoys hot yoga, loves being out on the lake in the Seattle summers, is a fan of all types of music from EDM to Country and has a love of travel to warm beachy locations. More

Bachelor of the Month
Attention ladies! Our latest Bachelor is quite the catch! He’s 40 years old, 6’4” with blonde hair and grey/green eyes! He has been working as a Software Architect for 15 years and he moved from Europe to the US at age 21. He is looking for a woman that is independent, exciting and smart! In his free time, he enjoys photography, making music, art walks and lots of travel! Ladies, let us know if he sounds like someone you would like to meet! More

Bachelor Contestant
We were so excited to have our very own It’s Just Lunch Seattle Executive Matchmaker, Sara French, featured on Seattle Refined! The show features an ABC Bachelor hopeful preparing for the casting call. Sara shared some of her top tips for successful dating in Seattle. More

Can I just say it again? I am so impressed with the amazing group of women that are currently dating through IJL Seattle! Our Bachelorette of the Month is no exception! This spunky, driven and beautiful woman grew up all over Europe (she’s fluent in French) and has been a resident of Seattle since 2012. She is 39 years old, 5’5” with curly blonde hair and brown eyes, plus a great sense of style! She works as an Executive Recruiter and appreciates a direct, intelligent and funny guy! She enjoys practicing yoga and loves to cook and entertain for friends. In addition to her travels throughout Spain, Europe and Africa, she would love to get to Asia soon. More

Bachelor of the Month
This month’s Bachelor of the Month re-located to Seattle at the perfect time for Summer Dating! He’s 55 years old, 6’3 and handsome with brown eyes and salt and pepper hair. He works as a program manager for a large local company and has a Master’s Degree. In his free time, he enjoys running to stay in shape, scuba diving and taking annual ski vacations. Ladies, he is also a man that loves to cook! He’s also lived in Australia in the past and has traveled all over the world. Our bachelor is looking for a woman who is energetic, optimistic, and a great conversationalist! More

date diva
When you’ve been in the dating game as long as I have, continuous nights out with someone potentially special or wonderfully promising can start to feel monotonous. Even if you’re seeing different individuals on each date, expanding your horizons and meeting new people, it doesn’t mean that you can’t fall into somewhat of a dating routine. It’s not uncommon - we’re creatures of habit - but just going through the dating motions can definitely hinder your ability to meet someone fantastic and life-changing. More

New year! New goals! New love? If you've resolved to rev up the romance in 2016, consider the suggestions below. You'll increase your chances of meeting someone special—maybe even The One! More

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